Repudiate or Reputation?

Reputation is based solely on public perception. You can say how awesome you are, how smart you are, how fabulous you are or how magnificent you are, but if you are perceived as anything less; it’s all smoke and mirrors.

I was privy to a discussion online recently where a person decided to rant about another individual’s use of Social Media. Now first and foremost, I’ve built a reputation where I tend to debate a side of an argument whether I agree with it or not. It’s just who I am. I like to argue any side as it forces me to see things from a different light. In this instance, I just felt that the passive-aggressive nature of the comments were uncalled for and I happened to personally like the target of this berating.

(Used under creative commons, an amazing photo thanks to Half-Blood Prince!)

So, doing what any good person should do? I said it was uncalled for and I stood up for my friend. I wasn’t arguing the merits of the disagreement, but the method of attack.

The nature of the “attack” was passive aggressive, yet pointed in its nature. I disagree with this method, and I set out to say so. This person was someone I admittedly didn’t know very well to begin with, but based on my interaction, is/was someone I don’t necessarily care to interact with in the future. And it was all done in Public.

And that’s all it takes:

Shattered Dreams
(Used under creative commons, and amazing photo thanks to Hollud!)

One interaction.
One Tweet.
One Status Update.

And everything you’ve spent so much time building online, gone, or at the very least, damaged.

While I have received an apology privately from this individual, I chose not to respond. I said my peace, publicly and privately when it happened. And I really didn’t care to have interaction beyond that. Social Media means that I’m certain we’ll end up in the same circles in the future, and I’ll remain cordial, but it’s not interaction that I will seek out.

I also find it pretty telling about a person who will call out someone in a passive aggressive manner, under that much ruckus, and doesn’t have the respect/decency/kahunas to say they may of acted foolishly in public, they only do it in private. I’m not sure what that really says about a person, but when it comes to perception, I get to have my own.

That’s just how the little bird squawks. 🙂

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