Good Customer Service: Advantis Credit Union

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed me mentioning my credit union. I’m a rather big fan. They’re everything I’ve ever needed in a financial institution and they’re active on Social Media, giving me access to people, resources that you’ll never find from “banks.”

What’s better than that?

They took notice. You see, they’re understanding the value of making your biggest cheerleaders you biggest voice in the market, especially with social media. I wasn’t surprised when I received a message from their PR/Social Media people asking if I wanted to record a video testimonial on their behalf. Of course I was flattered and eager to do so.

The afternoon I spent with them resulted in two videos:
For their mobile access:

And for Fusion Checking:

(You can learn more about: Fusion Checking)

It’s no surprise that I’ve entrusted all my money to Advantis and I continue to be a proponent of their service, and their services.

In customer service, it’s important to listen and respond to those who are being your naysayers, but also to listen and ENGAGE your promoters. The engagement will show you’re listening and they’ll only sing your praises in an empty room for so long.

Thanks to the Advantis Credit Union team for letting me be a voice for your exceptional service.

Buy Local! Move Your Money!

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