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I think I might have a role in motivational speaking.

Today I ran two new personal “bests.” A new personal best for distance. 5.3 miles and a personal best set of average minutes per mile at 11.31.

It was really tough, but I have set a goal for myself and I’m currently reaching for that goal.

I have ~240 pounds of carcass to drag around, and if I can do it for 5.3 miles, what’s stopping you from reaching your goal?

Also – Check out this great video!


You’re Welcome?!?

This weekend, I got to volunteer for an inaugural all-girl 5K and half-marathon called Run Girl Run. It was a fun event, but there was something pretty interesting that happened to me. I mean, I was a volunteer. I just had to get up, get in the car, and get to the event. As a course marshal, I just had to stand there at the 4.5 mile marker and make sure that someone stopped at the stop sign and that the runners made their way down the right side of the course.

As I left the main area to head over to my designated spot at 7:30 AM, there were only a few runners moseying around. I got to my location and waited:


Alone, I waited. I watched the occasional car drive by, I listened to the roosters crow; I even smelled the faint scent of someone frying bacon in the house next to my post.

And, I waited.

First runners
Hark! Ahoy! The first runners came heading up the road. I moved to my designated spot with my orange safety vest and ushered the runners in the right direction.

“Good job!” I said as the first couple of runners came by.

And they said: “Thank you for being here.”


Then the next group, “Thank you!” And the next, “Thank you for doing this!” and again, and again…

Wait, What? I said to the next ones, “You’re doing the hard part! Way to go!”

“Thanks for keeping us safe,” came the reply.

There were nearly 300 runners on the course, and no matter how out of breath they were, how they may have been struggling, they managed to say “thank you.”

And maybe I’m a moosh, but it still moves me.

Maybe there’s something we can all learn from this group of runners with moxie — saying thank you to a person, no matter the circumstances should be the norm, not an exception. How great we all can feel with just a hint of gratitude, just a sliver of acknowledgement.

As all the runners and walkers came by, they said thank you, and I was only one person on the course. I am truly certain they thanked everyone along the course.

Run Girl Run

Aw shucks ma’am, I’m just doing my job.

You And I!


For Madonna’s Birthday, Lady Gaga releases her new video to “You and I.”

Don’t Mind the Heavy Breathing

I’ve been running lately, and I’ve been street running lately. I figured it was harder to give up when you still had to get back home. At any rate, I live in SW Portland. If you know the area, it’s HILLY, there are HILLS everywhere. Not hills, but OMG BECKY! RUN FOR THE HILLS, hills.

So if you’ll pardon the heavy breathing. This is precisely at 3 miles of my 3.2 mile run.

Oh. And the sweat.

O.H. in the E.R.

I was at home one recent Saturday night when all of a sudden I started feeling some punch-you-in-the-gut-and-beg-for-mercy type stomach pains. After about an hour of it, with no real relief in sight, I thought, maybe I should consider a trip to Urgent care/ER. Now, if you know me, I’ll put up with some serious amount of discomfort before I head to any doctor’s office but this was, as I put it to a friend in a tweet, a time when “I think I am having a baby, or an alien, or my body is rejecting itself.”

So in I went. To OHSU. To rot. To die. To sit there with the worst customer service…Ever. But that’s not what this post is about, oh no, this is a fun post. in my 5 hours at OHSU, I saw/heard quite a bit. So I’m going to share those here… Enjoy. 🙂

(OH: = Overheard)

11:25 PM – Bed Pan – In a word: Ew
11:29 PM – OH: (from a nurse.) “I need to triage myself. I got stuck with a needle.” Eep.
11:34 PM – Oh. Gross. This girl is going to hurl. If she does, I might.
11:35 PM – OH: “I am going to write hiaku about not throwing up.”
11:50 PM – OH: “At least I’m not talking about bananas, or banana scented farts.”
11:55 PM – IV Coil I’ve been here before.
12:12 AM – OH: “Remember that thing on my back? It popped, I’ve never seen so much green pus in my life.”
12:21 AM – I have been here an hour, anyone want to take bets on how long I stay?
12:39 AM – And the people are trickling in. “Car accident.” is our new friend. #3
12:40 AM – We now have “puke girl +1.” – and “car accident +1.” And me.
12:52 AM – Ooh. The person before me is going in. Woohoo.’s: me, “car accident +1” and unknown dude.
1:08 AM – Bummer. “Car accident” is gone. Now me… and “talks to herself.” “Unknown ailment man.”
1:15 AM – I wonder why ERs take so long to get through when DRs offices get you through so fast?
1:27 AM – Ooh. Might be some excitement… “unknown guy” seems to be coming of his rocker. Eep.
1:46 AM – OH: “I wanted to kill myself so I took a bunch of heroin.”
1:48 AM – Wow. That’ll sure put a moment into perspective.
1:55 AM – Seriously debating just baggin it and going home.
2:04 AM – Interesting … I ask to leave and they find room for me.
2:50 AM – Whoa. They just wheeled someone in who was escorted by 3 security guards who looked unconscious.
2:54 AM – OH: EMT: “she had an empty half gallon and a full half gallon in her backpack.” PATIENT: “They promised not to dump it out!”
2:57 AM – OH: “I said ‘You Kids Get Off My Lawn!!!'”
3:03 AM – OH: “we moved her into 20 so we can bring in another drunk combative person in.”
3:04 AM – Wait. Am I subject to HIPAA?
3:11 AM – OH: “>what’s wrong with me again?” “<You got hit in the head, remember?"
4:08 AM – What a waste of a great Saturday evening.
4:12 AM – Doctors really need to get new tape for arms that have hair on them.
4:13 AM – If I have to wait any longer I am going to rip out this IV out myself.

And here it is 5:25 AM and I'm home. …And I can't go to sleep because I have some where to be in an hour an a half. So, might as well go for a run since they didn't seem to find anything wrong with me after they poked at my belly twice and walked away.

I've been in serious relationships who have done less and wasted more of my time.

I have found heaven.

And it is called “John’s Marketplace.” —

This place is amazing. Located in SW Portland, Multnomah Village. There is beer for days and days!
100s of beer bottles

There is beer from every nation, in every flavor!
Evil Twin Beer Yin and Yang
Strawberry and Framboise flavored beer

I walked in to this store and I was totally lost. In awe of everything. I had to walk up and down, every aisle, until I got my bearings..
Another Row of Beer

I made my selections from the IPA arena. Including this one:
Reunion Beer For A Good Cause

…It feels good to help. 🙂

Oh. And for you wine drinkers, they have a wine steward on the premises to help you through the 100’s of bottles of booze on the wall.

When you’re in Multnomah Village next, stop by, take one down, and pass it around. 🙂

Donec sit Klout – Klout is funny….

I find the website funny. For many reasons. I like numbers and statistics, but I don’t think they mean a whole lot in the real world… Some people hold their “Klout” above all else because they’re searching for that ever elusive Social Media ROI. Hint: It’s not found on Klout, It’s found in relationships.

But, this morning I was looking at something on Klout and I noticed I qualified for another “Perk” (a reward,) and I’m all about free stuff… So I clicked on it, during the acceptance process, I saw the following:

I scratched my head. I’d never noticed that before. What if I was agreeing to sign all of my worldly possessions over to a dark overlord?

So I fired up and selected Latin –> English:

“Read more here or here but here. Read more great essentially unchanged here. We seek. This is an admin put your image here. We do more here. Blog Post here. Search more fear. For foot. This is not a member. But here is used by organizations here. Click on the bed. About Home Director of pain here.”

What. The. Heck?