I’ve grown up in the age of computers. I’ve grown up in the 24-hour-gotta-have-it-now generation.

That said, I love information. I live in a highly connected world, 24 hour news, 60,000 tweets, Facebook conversations. I’m all in.

Recently, I’ve disconnected a little bit. I found that I was sitting at a computer, watching TV, or had by head buried in my smart phone for hours and hours at a time. Don’t get me wrong. I love information, I like being in-the-know.

Recently, I subscribed to a newspaper and found out how much I missed sitting down and reading the paper, cover to cover. The news may be old, but I really enjoyed it. So I instituted a new rule in my home and since it’s just me in the home, it was pretty easy to swing the votes.

(Used under creative commons. Thank you GiantsFanatic!)

The new rule? When I make dinner, I sit down, in my dining room, and eat dinner, reading the paper. I turn off the TV, I shut down the computer, I leave the phone in the other room and just decompress.

Never underestimate the power of a good meal and something to read. 🙂

It’s nice to have a moment of quiet, even for a few minutes.

(Used under creative commons. Thank you Luv Life!)

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