To Be Purposed To Death.

I’ve noticed a trend lately. Meetups & Tweetups are being turned into “Purposed” Meetings, CauseUps etc. I know everyone wants to feel like they’re doing some good, but I can’t help but wonder, are these just the new “Grip & Grin?”

Maybe my purpose for going to tweetups is different than everyone else. I go for the social aspect of it. I go to get to know these online people better offline. I don’t have an agenda when I attend.

My endorsement of a project, a cause, or anything else, comes from my research of the item, not because I like the person attached to it. Maybe I’m a little shallow that way. Sure, having a relationship with the person helps me become interested in it, but it’s not going to be my primary decider of why I’m involved.

When you’re a small business owner, I get it, you have to capitalize, monetize, evaluate where your dollars are going. But why take an event, which is social in nature and structure it to death? Peering into my crystal ball; if you take away the loose-fitting social nature of these events, you’ll lose the social nature of the people and you’ll end up with only people who are trying to make a buck off the attendees, or you’ll piss someone off because you, the organizer, had to choose one group over the next. If you want that kind of headache, go ahead. But PLEASE, warn me ahead of time that I’m going to get the soft/hard sell… I may swing for the fences, but I’m going to let that “pitch” sail right on past. Everytime.

I’ve been to those events, No thanks.

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