5 comments on “(Dis)Engaging Google+

  1. Not really enjoying google + yet myself or really even figured it out. Well except I have put people into circles. Until Google starts letting me put people into polyhedrons instead of circles, I am really not too crazy about it

    • I’ve seen some good uses of it. For example if you wanted to have some real targeted group discussions or an easy-accessible version of Skype, sure. But for me. It’s not my thing.

  2. There are definitely groups that are making more use of it than others (it’s really caught on amongst photographers). If you’re seeing stuff from folks you haven’t circled, all I can figure is that it’s because of the “Extended Circles” option when sharing. As I understand it, that shares content with your circles as well as with the folks that those folks have in their circles. Other than that, I don’t see why you’d see a post from someone you hadn’t circled.

    Seems more like a bug than a feature.

    • Oh. I don’t think I communicated that well. I added these people, who have added me to a circle, to an “I don’t know you” circle. I posted to that circle to see if I could get engagement, as an experiment. I thought it was an opportunity to engage people I didn’t know. It didn’t really work.

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