Donec sit Klout – Klout is funny….

I find the website funny. For many reasons. I like numbers and statistics, but I don’t think they mean a whole lot in the real world… Some people hold their “Klout” above all else because they’re searching for that ever elusive Social Media ROI. Hint: It’s not found on Klout, It’s found in relationships.

But, this morning I was looking at something on Klout and I noticed I qualified for another “Perk” (a reward,) and I’m all about free stuff… So I clicked on it, during the acceptance process, I saw the following:

I scratched my head. I’d never noticed that before. What if I was agreeing to sign all of my worldly possessions over to a dark overlord?

So I fired up and selected Latin –> English:

“Read more here or here but here. Read more great essentially unchanged here. We seek. This is an admin put your image here. We do more here. Blog Post here. Search more fear. For foot. This is not a member. But here is used by organizations here. Click on the bed. About Home Director of pain here.”

What. The. Heck?

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