5 comments on “O.H. in the E.R.

  1. I worked in ER for 12 years.
    1) Dont ever go to a trauma center if u arent having trauma. Go to smaller hospital ER
    2) ER staff has changes over the years. In my day that whole team would have been fired. But now, since qualified people are scarce they have to hold on to everyone
    3) ER is a tough biz, it takes its toll. The amt of abuse staff takes from the public, the hospital admin & the MD’s is disproportionate to the gratitude and support.
    4) If u go to an ER at nite you get moonlighter MD’s or residents, & new or registry RN’s most of the time. So the level of tx can be less than stellar
    5) the system is so broken, so broke, so litigated that compassion, professionalism and quality care is nil.

    A) sorry ur experience was so sucky
    B) glad u wrote this. most people have no clue what a mess healthcare really is in. The politics of it has done more to ruin it than anything else. the profession is more in favor of health reform than Wash DC & corporate interests becuz they are in the trenches & the politicians are self serving.

    Glad you came out alive. The stories I could tell of what happens out of earshot. Believe me, ur lucky that’s all u saw & heard.

    • Yeah. Sadly I didn’t have much of an option at the moment. New insurance and I didn’t know which urgent care would be covered under my insurance so I was stuck with the advice nurse’s recommendations. Now I know. 😦

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better, and are alive to tell the tale. No going and having your body reject you… although giving birth to an alien might have been interesting.

    When Ian was having his tooth pain, we went down to Good Sam. They were THE BEST. Into a bed within 10 minutes, and the whole trip took about 2 hours; the doctors were attentive and quick, nurses were friendly, and just generally a great experience. My father in law had done in-patient surgery there, too, and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    So, might I recommend Good Sam for your ER Room needs? I know it’s a little further away from you, but quality of care is worth it.

    Still haven’t gotten the bill, though…

    Bonus: I’ve met the infectious disease specialist for the Legacy Healthcare system – Legacy has the lowest amount of hospital-caused and hospital-spread infection in the metro area.

    • Thanks Sam,
      My insurance is switching back to Kaiser at the end of the month. Interestingly enough, I’ve had pretty good service with Kaiser. I’ll be glad to have my old doctor back.

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