Under Every Rock

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. I spend a great deal of time on Facebook & Twitter. I am a social creature by nature. But I also spend time on various other social networks, what I find most amazing and appealing about them is how often I am engaged on them, in a way which is more meaningful, deeper, and more encouraging.

Foursquare: I absolutely LOVE and ADORE foursquare. Why? It’s serendipitous. I don’t mind people knowing where I am; which is often the objection I hear of people using location-based social networks. Interesting enough, I often find some of my most hilarious comments have come from places that I have checked in. Furthermore, I have always said, in case of emergency, or if I am ever reported as “missing,” you’ll know the last place I was and how long ago, you’ll be able to direct search and rescue. 🙂

Runkeeper – I’ve taken up running again, hence the earlier “Fat Man Running Posts.” I have been using Runkeeper to track my adventures and I am often struck by the amount of encouragement I receive from others when I complete a particularly difficult run, it’s something I look forward to. Also, this has given me a way to connect with others who are working towards their goals. It has been super inspiring.

The most surprising place I’ve found user engagement has been MyFitnessPal – I originally signed up on MFP to track my calories and to further make sure I was reaching towards a goal. What I’ve found is encouragement, helpful tips, and non-judgement moments. I’ve even started exploring the forums as a way to find others who are working towards the same goals or those who are having a rougher time staying focused. It’s been quite rewarding.

I’m not breaking my arm to pat myself on the back here, all I’m really doing is saying that you should check out all your networking opportunities, you never know where you are going to find some great connections, even with those who you already know.

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