Everybody Loves Presence

I was thinking. There are so many times when I’ve had insomnia, have been up late, or just plain was paying attention where I’ve noted that friends of mine post things automatically. I like to comment on those things, and then I wait…. and wait… and wait… and wait…

and wait…

Then, hours later, I get a response. It might be something simple as a “thanks for the ReTweet” (if on Twitter) or “liking” the comment (if on Facebook,) and I’ve completely forgotten what it was I commented on.

Empty Room
(Used under creative commons, thanks Let Ideas Compete!)

I’m fairly active on Social Media, I spend a great deal of time watching my feeds & lists. So I may be hyper-attentive, true. But, let’s consider my Twitter profile for a moment –

I swing for the fences with all my might. I tweet constantly, I over share without expectation. 100% me; my thoughts, no automation.

There are two things you’ll note from the beginning: I swing for the fences; sometimes I strike out, sometimes I connect. Secondly, It’s all me, whenever I post, if you comment, I respond. There’s no machine tweeting for me. I am the machine.

What are your tweets/posts saying about you, to your audience?

People like talking to people. If you’re generating action with your posts, you should probably be there to see it. Right?

11 responses to “Everybody Loves Presence”

  1. I wonder if, just maybe, the person you liked or RTed got caught up in something else. I frequently post something, then go walk my dog or start playing with the chittlens…sometimes I check my phone, sometimes I don’t. In the instance you bring up with insomnia, I may fall asleep. I was in a conversation on Facebook yesterday about this. Someone posted a link to an article that said posts & tweets that come from 3rd party apps (like Tweetdeck & Hootsuite) get 70% less interaction. I believe this conversation was started to talk about one form of automation, which is scheduling. This was kind of a bummer to me because I use Hootsuite to post links (live, real-time) because I can track clicks. Not the end of the world if I can’t do that, but I like knowing what kind of content resonates with my network. Bacon-related subjects always work, but sometimes I like to branch out πŸ˜‰ Anyway, glad you posted this because it’s a conversation the social web needs to have with itself. I am fully guilty of having scheduled posts, but you and I have talked about before. If I read 5 interesting articles when I curl up with my reader, I want to share them. I sometimes worry that if I tweet all 5 at once, it will become spammy to my friends. BTW – I’m timing your response LOL.

    • I would have responded earlier, but WordPress thinks you are spam and Akismet locks you in comment jail until I notice you’re there.

      I’m talking precisely about automation/scheduling. I’ve done that too, checked out on conversations, gotten distracted – but then again, I’m not trying to drive anything but other people mad. πŸ™‚

      The bottom line is this: If you’re trying to drive traffic to you without discussion, automate away. If you’re trying to drive conversation, be present. πŸ™‚

      • I know. I am a frequent offender for your Akismet prison. I ALWAYS try to be present for when there is the possibility of engagement. But if my kid falls of his bike right after a tweet goes out…well, I’m consoling the child first. I do agree that if you time out a post, you better damn well be available for discussion. Jeff Turner brought that up awhile ago on Twitter. I did a slow-clap. You know me though Nick, I don’t really like to talk…that’s why I’m in spam prison all the time πŸ˜‰

      • Heheh. You’ve been in spam prison all weekend as I didn’t look at my spam filter. I really wish there was a way to keep you out of there, but it doesn’t like you. 😦

  2. There has been a lot of discusssion about autoposting with the test being you had better be there to respond when the post hits.

    I don’t think that’s fair. I’m not going to respond during a shower, driving, a meeting, a date, running, a phone call, a client appointment unless they know twitter :), etc. But I may have something that came to mind right before that moment. Do I not post because someone might respond while I’m unavailable? On top of all of that sometimes my phone is slow to notify me of responses. I am not a machine. πŸ™‚

    • Well, but it’s obvious when it’s you tweeting vs. an auto-tweet.

      As I laid out previously, I’ve responded to auto-tweets, and when I don’t get a response for hours, I’ve forgotten what it was that I was asking about. Is that my fault? Perhaps. It’s because I tweet/talk a lot. Isn’t the purpose of Auto-Tweets to drive engagement, traffic, etc?

      Sure you can get someone to stop in your store, but if you’re not there to greet them, how long do you expect them to stay?

      • I forget what I have tweeted 2 minutes ago much less hours ago. πŸ™‚

        I don’t think it’s obvious when I auto tweet and when I don’t unless you are going to call all links auto-tweets. Feel free to call me on them and I will be honest whether it’s an auto-tweet or not.

        In Hootsuite and Timely I can hit tweet now or later. Hootsuite does have the 5 minute increments which makes guessing easier but Timely uses odd times, as does Buffer.

  3. I was used auto-posting for some blog articles and such. Once I stopped auto-posting and instead crafted “real” tweets or messages on other social networks, I found that engagement went up – way up. I suspect two reasons:
    – a blog post title does not necessarily make a good tweet
    – with a hand-crafted message (tweet, FB item, Google+ link, etc) I can tailor the message to the particular audience, thereby making it more relevant.

    • I’ve had the same experience, I used to use Twitterfeed to post from my blog 4 times a day. Now I just post it when I feel like it. I’ve seen my traffic go up, little by little. πŸ™‚

  4. I like to automate so I do not overwhelm my twitter friends with many many post in a row. Sometimes I do not respond immediately because like right now, I have 14 tabs open because I am looking for blog material.

    But If I am posting something, odds are I am on twitter but may be distracted by other tasks, the phone rang, etc etc.

    However, it does bring up an interesting point for me to consider about my twitter use

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