To Be (Re)Purposed To Death…

If you follow along, you’ll recall that I posted this: To Be Purposed To Death in which I describe my unhappiness at being affronted by all these networking events which turn into “cause”ups.

I took a great deal of flak from that. I was told: “It’s for a good cause, why don’t you just support it.” or “You could just not go.” And both of those are true, I could just stow it, or stay home, but I go for the networking, I’m an online fiend, but in my world, I’m always working to bring as much of that offline as possible… Why? Because I like people, I’m a social creature.

Hand Tree: Sculptor Kathryn Jordan / Artist Cliff Wright
(Used under creative commons, than you Dominic! {what a fantastic photo})

I was told, by the event organizer, that these speakers, at the regular events, would be charities, or causes, who could really use our help. I get that. I’ve been working with non-profits for the better part of 15 years, I started volunteering at a very young age, and I’ve been opinionated for longer than that, so I declare “SHENANIGANS.”

I’m miffed, why? Because this month’s speaker is from a Business Conference, not a Cause, not a charity, but a conference. What is the purpose of this conference?

“We’ll be talking about business models that work for profit AND for social good for 2 1/2 days at the Ambridge Event Center in Portland, Oregon”

A conference for business models… Not for Charitable causes… a conference which the asking price for this two-day event is…

Seven. Hundred. Dollars.
Tibetan Buddhist monk in red robes handing out money in 100 ruppee notes, the donations, to individual lamas, monks and nuns, Tharlam Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal
(Used under creative commons, thank you Wonderlane!!)

I can only imagine how much good 700 bucks could do in a lot of small charities.

So I refer to my original argument, these aren’t being planned because they’re a good cause, these slots are being filled because the people know someone.

I guess that’s great enough to get ahead in the world, but call it what it is, “opportunistic,” and not what you want the world to think it is, “doing greater things…”

Let’s be honest. The only “good” you’ll be doing with this presentation is filling the conference organizer’s pockets.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    Can we stop with the whole avoidance of naming names? Just come out and say that the Westside Portland tweetup is being used to pitch SOBcon Northwest.

    There. Don’t we all feel better now?

    1. Aaron says:

      I wonder if I just curtailed the conversation since now folks will be scared of taking sides…

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