The Senses of Seattle

My friend Andy posted recently about a trip he took to visit Bend, it describes using all your senses to get the best out of your vacations.

I recently made a day trip to Seattle for a Seahawks game and had the most amazing time. So in the spirit of the aformentioned post, here is how I experienced Seattle in all five of my senses.


I went to dinner with a friend and on the way back to my hotel room, I spotted this cool park in Seattle. It was completely dark, except for these lights. I knew I had to stop and take a picture.

Disco Lights, City Park, Seattle, Washington


As I mentioned above, I got to go to a Seahawks game. If you have ever watched one the games on TV, there is much ado about the amount of noise in CenturyLink field. The Seattle Seahawks have retired the number 12 jersey on their team, an honor reserved for only the most special players, this jersey is retired for the “12th Man” aka the Fans. (There are only 11 players on the field at any given time.) Seattle is known for having some of the greatest fan base, I am happy to be one of them. The noise in the stadium is amazing, you can feel it in your chest. This is what a third down for the opposing team sounds like…


I feel like I cheat a little on this one, but anyone who has been to Seattle would tell you that a clear, crisp sunny day is rare in Seattle. I got to experience one. This is the view from my hotel room, on the 19th floor. Some would say this is the sense of sight, but imagine, for a moment, standing, looking out this window, the sun beams on your face. It’s a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. I think we all reach out for that.

Puget Sound, Sunny Day, Seattle, Washington


Seattle is known as the home of Starbucks; I stumbled into a local bakery (Specialty’s Cafe,) since it was closer and raining, for a cup of coffee and danish. They were crafting all the various and sundry baked goods for the day. Their racks were filled. The smell of fresh-baked bread over-took my all my senses; However, if you need a quick cup of coffee, I would go somewhere else, they took a while. The baked goods were delicious.

Speciality's Cafe, Seattle, Washington


I went out to dinner with a friend to one of my favorite places to eat in Seattle. It’s called Serious Pie. …And it is. They make artisan pizza and some of the combinations are amazing. I’ve had a few of their pizzas, this one happened to be Summer Squash, Roasted Garlic and Whipped Chevre. IT. WAS. AMAZING. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Serious Pie in Seattle, Washington is the best pizza I’ve ever had, hands down. I dare you to show me a better pizza.

Serious Pie - Pizza - Seattle, Washington

6 responses to “The Senses of Seattle”

    • Hey, Thanks for the comment and helping me navigate the LRT in the city. It’s really funny, I never thought about using all your senses to experience a destination but it’ll now be at the forefront of my travel.

  1. Nick, you have such a great talent for writing. I’ve lived within a half hour of Seattle since 1980 (aside from a few stints back in Montana to remember why I moved out this way) and this blog posting makes me realize how much I really haven’t paid attention to and appreciated this beautiful city. Now I want to take a day to go down to Seattle just to take it all in…

    • Kevin, It’s amazing what you’ll see, touch, taste, etc when you stop and take a moment. We’re always rushing to get from somewhere or to something. I highly endorse being a tourist in your own city.

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