6 comments on “The Senses of Seattle

    • Hey, Thanks for the comment and helping me navigate the LRT in the city. It’s really funny, I never thought about using all your senses to experience a destination but it’ll now be at the forefront of my travel.

  1. Nick, you have such a great talent for writing. I’ve lived within a half hour of Seattle since 1980 (aside from a few stints back in Montana to remember why I moved out this way) and this blog posting makes me realize how much I really haven’t paid attention to and appreciated this beautiful city. Now I want to take a day to go down to Seattle just to take it all in…

    • Kevin, It’s amazing what you’ll see, touch, taste, etc when you stop and take a moment. We’re always rushing to get from somewhere or to something. I highly endorse being a tourist in your own city.

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