Runner’s Crack

Some of you know that I’ve picked up running. If you’ve been hiding under a rock you may have missed:

Fat Man Running

Or even: Fat Man Records Video While Running

I’ve been working my butt off, running, and I’ve never felt better… Except for the constant ache in my legs because I’m stupid enough not to stretch appropriately. I’m going to get yelled at for that.

run like the wind
(Used under Creative Commons, thank you Lazojoey!)

However, as I mentioned in my post: Under Every Rock I’ve been using MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper to track calories and activities. I’ve found a community within them. They’ve really helped me with my goals. From July 1, when I embarked on this crazy mission to lose one fifth of my total weight (I won’t tell you where I started,) I have lost 18 lbs, an average of 1.4 lbs a week. I can’t argue with that success.

Until this week I had been using some interval training (run for a couple minutes, walk for 30 seconds) to get up to a full run. I’ve done full a run a couple of times, a 5k (3 miles) and a 10k (6 miles) but I’d never been able to do it on my normal morning runs, too many hills, until Wednesday. I set out, in the fog and the cold, and just let my body take over. I was panting in some places, I was sweating all over, but I completed it. 5.2 miles, all run. And for a couple of those miles, I felt good, really good. Just like this guy describes in his post.

In August, I ran 50 miles; in September, 54. — That’s like running from Downtown Portland to La Center, and back. The thought of that is dizzying.

One of the commenters calls it: Runner’s Crack.

It’s sure better than plumber’s crack.

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