Not 10,000 – Just One.

Leagues, that is.

Have you ever been around something so intense that you almost feel that you are out of your elements, a friendship so great that it’s intensity becomes addictive. A moment where you just look around and wonder, how did this happen to me. And realize with gratitude that it is?

(Photo used under creative commons, via Sean MacEntee)

I’ve had a couple of moments lately where I feel extremely fortunate to be involved in them, as if I’ve finally done something right to indicate the the universe that I deserve, or at the very least, can handle the moment.

This year has been such a roller-coaster of good and bad. I’ve had some rough patches, but I’ve also had some fantastic moments where, for a second, I’ve had to look around, catch my breath, and wonder, how did I get here? You could probably make some trite statement like: “Good things happen to good people.” Does that mean that when the bad was happening, that I was a bad person? I don’t buy that.

At the moment I’ve been feeling very fortunate and full of gratitude, so I just wanted to say thanks, in one of the many ways I know how.

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