9 comments on “200 Blog Posts and 13.1 Miles Later

  1. You are much stronger than I think you give yourself credit for. Congratulations on achieving both a physical and emotional milestone, and sharing it with us classic Schnik style. It’s inspiring.

  2. Although I *so* don’t understand running as a sport (is someone chasing you?) congrats on reaching your goal (and on hitting 200 blog posts). Big improvement over a year ago… I think we prefer this year’s Schnik to last year’s hospitalized version.

  3. I’m so proud of you. You’ve accomplished great feats this year and have done so much to have secured your place as someone that I have and always will look up to. Yes, here I am almost 27 years old and I still, to this day, look up to my cousin who has been many things to me: a big brother, a father and, most importantly, a best friend. I love you and hope you continue on this path of greatness. (Yes, I am tearing a bit here.)

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