11 Favorite Photos of ’11

I try to take pictures of things that are memorable, as you’re aware. But, I’m also a little retentive on how I organize them, too. In my files, I order them by year and by month. So I decided to go back and see what I thought some of my top photos were; either because they were interesting to me or they had special memories. Here they are:

I moved into a new place this year – I really enjoyed the view from the deck.
The sun for the trees with clouds

A cool panoramic view of the Southeast side of Portland, Oregon on a sunny(!!) day. Mount Hood is in the distance.
Portland Oregon Sunshine Mt Hood Marquam Bridge

My friend Cheryl put together a great conference that I was a volunteer at, she was being interviewed by a local news station and I happened to spot this view, through the lens.
Through the Lens

On a recent trip to the beach, my friend and I spotted this abandoned, decrepit boat in a river valley.
Abandoned Boat

I was fortunate to go to a Seattle Mariners game in Safeco Field, the view from my awesome seats really let me catch all the action.
Seattle Mariners Safeco Field

A pretty cool moment to catch. Fourth of July is always fun. Especially when you go to Washington to watch REAL fireworks.
Firework Flame

A group of my friends (The Ruby Council) and I went to Darcelle’s and Co. downtown, Portland. We got a photo with the Grand Dame herself.
Ruby Council and Darcelle

A great photo from another trip to Seattle, as you’ll note, the sun does shine in Seattle. A great view of their skyline.
Seattle Washington Skyline

A trip to Seattle that changed the course of my 2011 for the better. I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this captured moment for a couple of reasons. A pretty cool photo, too.
Sunstreaked Pair

I caught this photo on Veteran’s Day. I thought it was incredibly poignant and it was pretty, too.
Solo Flag

Of course, I wasn’t going to end the recap of my year without a Christmas Photo, since I was posting this on Christmas Day.
Christmas Reflection

I’ve been so fortunate this year. I’ve experienced some great moments and some not-so-great moments. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim says:

    Honored to have a role in one of your favorite moments of 2011.
    If 2012 is to be the End of Days, let’s make it a fun ride, eh?

  2. Nancy P says:

    Nick these are some great photos. I will look forward to more in 2012. 🙂

  3. Nice collection. Happy photographing and blogging in 2012!

    1. Schnik says:

      Thanks. 🙂 If you’re interested, I’ve been publishing a photo a day on my other blog. http://www.schnik.it

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