Quote of the Day – Judith Martin on Manners, Generations and Choices.

A simple one today. Something to remind us to be kind, thoughtful and respectful to each and every one around us.

One reason that the task of inventing manners is so difficult is that etiquette is folk custom, and people have emotional ties to the forms of their youth. That is why there is such hostility between generations in times of rapid change; their manners being different, each feels affronted by the other, taking even the most surface choices for challenges. – Judith Martin

4 responses to “Quote of the Day – Judith Martin on Manners, Generations and Choices.”

  1. And I just don’t get that at all….. Manners and respect should NOT be generational… They should be the one constant for all children no matter which generation that they are born to. I don’t care who’s children they are, if they are not respectful to others in my house or not use good manners, I will tell them that they will NOT speak that way in MY house…. EVER!!!

    • Hehehe. No kidding. When I was a kid, if I lipped off to an elder I would have been knocked into next week. But, we can’t do that nowadays. I think some kids would benefit from a good thumpin.

  2. This just “fried” me over the holidays. In two cases, once with a teenage boy and another with a small girl, each were extremely rude, had a lack of respect, and were impolite. The mothers in both cases just shook their heads and said “oh well, they are just kids”. Oh well, when are you, the parent, going to teach the “kids” some manners. Then when they become juvenile delinquents and don’t respect the law or others, are you just gonna shake your head Mom and say, “oh well they are just kids”?

    • Yeah. I get pretty grouchy when I see poor manners from young people, I guess I’ve just come to expect it nowadays – sad – though, I feel like it’s disappearing more and more from our vernacular. Manners, they’re small but important.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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