Quote of the Day – Pat Paulsen on Iowa (Bonus Video)

Today is Caucus day in Iowa, the nation’s first look at the 2012 Presidential Election Season. Caucus-goers will show up and vote for their selection of candidate. Hailed at the start of the official election season this process will weed many people out of the process, tomorrow we’ll see which of the flotsam and jetsam will bow out of the nominating process.

“If Iowa is the ‘heart’ land, what part of the human body is Los Angeles?” – Pat Paulsen

Bonus – My friend Andy Hayes spotted this, so I thought I’d include it, too. Just in case you needed a primer on why Iowa is important.

(Caution may be NSFW)

One response to “Quote of the Day – Pat Paulsen on Iowa (Bonus Video)”

  1. That video is hilarious! I lived in Iowa City for 20 years before moving to the Phoenix metro area, and am sick and tired of people saying “Where’s Iowa? You guys have the potatoes, right?”

    Thanks for sharing!

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