Quote of the Day – Vartan Gregorian on Censorship

Today’s Quote of the Day follows my normal tradition. Though, it has a greater meaning.

Read on: You may have noticed if you’ve been on many websites today: Google, WordPress, Craigslist, or Wikipedia – These websites are redacted in protest.

There’s a pair of bills SOPA and PIPA – Learn about them. Then contact your representative in Congress and ask them to prevent these bills from passing.

Today’s Quote:

“We are not mere gatekeepers and doorkeepers of humanity’s heritage. We also must protect its dissemination. We must beware of all censorship in whatever form it comes, because to censor, to tamper with truth, to tamper with our memory, is to commit a historical sin. We, as librarians, have a major duty that we must all share all over the world, in order not to allow anybody to control, to twist, and most important of all, to manipulate our human will and through it our free institutions.” – Vartan Gregorian

If you would like to sign a quick petition against the Stop Online Piracy Act, go here! http://www.google.com/takeaction/

Photo Courtesy of gojira75 via Flickr. (Creative Commons)

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