Quote of the Day – Ira Gershwin on Noise

There’s something about this quote that takes your senses to this place. You smell the onions, you hear the rustle of the newspaper, A match-strike, the vibration of a phone. All those things are around us every day. Mostly it’s hard to rise above the din, when you do, you still hear the noise. 🙂

Sniffed in a day: Onions, whiskey, garbage, fur and camphor balls, fountain pen ink, fresh newspapers. Heard in a day: An elevator’s purr, telephone’s ring, telephone’s buzz, a baby’s moans, a shout of delight, a screech from a ‘flat wheel,’ hoarse honks, a hoarse voice, a tinkle, a match scratch on sandpaper, a deep resounding boom of dynamiting in the impending subway, iron hooks on the gutter. – Ira Gershwin

striking a match
Photo Credit: Kalleboo via Flickr, used under creative commons.

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