Quote of the Day – Oliver Wendall Homes, Sr on Discovery

Heh. In my life, I have a lot of balls in the air. Things are moving rapidly and everything is looking up. Sure, no life id without it’s certain challenges, my cup, bucket, cupped hands, and wine glass overfloweth, and that’s how I like it. You never know how fast you’re running if your heart isn’t beating. 🙂

So, I seem to discover, everyday, how much more I’m capable of, lest someone tell me I’m not.

I should be especially unwilling to tell a child that it could not recover; if the theologians think it necessary, let them take the responsibility. God leads it by the hand to the edge of the precipice in happy unconsciousness, and I would not open its eyes to what he wisely conceals. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

On the Edge. / Explored
(Photo Credit: One the Edge by Malinkrop, via Flickr – Used under creative commons.)

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