Photo of the Day: Seattle Washington

I’m heading to Seattle on the train right now. I enjoy the Wifi, but for the most time it sucks, so I am going to try to post this on the train. Here’s hoping it works.

Disclaimer for all those out there. I was gifted a free trip to Seattle which is part of the promotion. Though, if you know me, You know that I grew up in Seattle, I love Seattle, and I’m excited to spend time up there. In fact, this photo was from a previous trip where I spent 3 days in Seattle, went to a Seattle Seahawks game and met someone special… So when you ask “Why was he chosen,” you should think: Damn, Seattle is lucky to have someone who appreciates the town so much that he’s happy to go to Seattle and explore and not just going because someone offered him a free trip.

My haters are my motivators.

Seattle Washington Skyline

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Munchkin says:

    That sounds like loads of fun! Enjoy yourself this weekend!

  2. Desa says:

    Have a great time, you deserve the trip!

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