Quote of the Day – Thomas Hughes on Earthquakes and Hope

One year ago today, we heard of an event rarely seen in our time, or recorded history. An earthquake shook forth from the floor of the Pacific Ocean and sent forth a massive wall of water than changed the face of Japan. In my Geology Class we’ve been talking about earthquakes and I learned this earthquake was responsible for 15,845 confirmed deaths, and that 3,380 people are still missing. Over 1.1 million buildings we’re damaged or destroyed and 24 million tons of debris we’re created by the tsunami. Japan has started to rebuild, to be reborn and a year later, they’re strength and steadfast should be a lesson to us all. In the face of tremendous adversity, we can rebuild.

From behind the shadow of the still small voice — more awful than tempest or earthquake — more sure and persistent than day and night — is always sounding full of hope and strength to the weariest of us all, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” – Thomas Hughes

Coast line

(Photo used under creative commons, thank you mi..chael)

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