Photo of the Day – Caged

I saw this today and it caught my eye. I had a really hard time catching it as my mind’s eye saw it. I really hope it translates well.

Quote of the Day – George Washington on Freedom

On this day in 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as the First President of these United States. I thought it was worth mentioning. I also loved this quote. Furthermore, I think we could all use to “animate and encourage each other” a little more often. 🙂 Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and…

Photo of the Day: On The Links

I got to go golfing today for the first time this season. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I only lost two golf balls. This shot I was particularly proud of, though, we won’t talk about my score. 🙂 This photo taken in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Quote of the Day – Duke Ellington on Freedom of Expression

Today is Duke Ellington’s birthday. He’s got a couple of really great quotes and some great song lyrics, but this one really struck me as something which captured who he was and what he meant to the world of music. Enjoy. 🙂 Jazz is a good barometer of freedom. In its beginnings, the United States…

Photo of the Day – Banded Storms

Taken in Portland the other day. There was this storm rolling in and the bands of rain were interesting. The spread of colors and rain were really exciting to me. …and to you, I hope.

Fantastic Customer Service: Grace Under Destruction – Woothemes

Wow. Every service provider’s nightmare. Complete and total flat line outage of your service platform. My hat is in hand and I am completely in awe over WooThemes grace and incredible customer service this week past. You see, WooThemes was the target of a rather destructive attack on their servers. It started with this post:…

Quote of the Day – Elbert Hubbard on Education

I just learned that April is Education month, amongst other things. I ran across this quote and laughed, as a college student, because I know this to be mostly true, except that some teachers matter, good teachers matter. So, today’s quote is a little tongue-in-cheek, sometimes it’s true. Academic education is the act of memorizing…

Photo of the Day – After The Rain

Taken just moments after the storm passed through the area, the water was still running into the drains, and I saw this shot with all the colors and the dark grey clouds.

Quote of the Day – Marilyn vos Savant on Multitasking

Today is a busy day for me – so much going on! While I’m not always completely in control of my own schedule. I’ve found that life will deal the cards and you just play the hand you’re dealt. Many people feel they must multi-task because everybody else is multitasking, but this is partly because…