What Goes Unsaid.


There’s so much power in tone. Maybe too much.

You probably wouldn’t imagine this, but I’m an over-analyzer, an over-thinker, and sometimes even an over-feeler. As you’ve seen from my other blog: www.schnik.it I love words. Words, have so much power, but to a thinker, the tone sometimes matters more.

Columbia River Gorge

I’ve been having a hard time reconciling some changes in my life – I have discussions with people and I listen for intent rather than what is being said that sometimes my inference is probably off base. Yet, I can’t help it. I still wonder: “What Exactly Are You Saying” and furthermore: “What are you getting at?” Those tonal record of these exchanges, often by email, leave me wondering where I fit in, and how I’m being effective.

Holy Water

It is probably my insecurities bleeding through and my need for excellence, I just can’t help it. How do you quiet the voices when the sender’s communication style doesn’t speak to yours?

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  1. blogan says:

    I’m old school. I’ll pick up the phone and ask anything. If there’s tone, it will come through. Then we can try to deal with it.

    When I’m the one sending the email, I try to keep it short, and then I probably use too many smilies. 🙂

    1. Schnik says:

      hehehe. I don’t think one can use “too many smiles.” 🙂

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