What do you say…

…When it is clear that no one wants to hear it?

I’ve never been shy about sharing my opinion. That may be an understatement…

In my career, I’ve worked for employers who encouraged all opinions, complimentary or contradictory; they felt it was good to see all sides of a situation to get a full perspective. In that vein, I’ve been able to express my opinions, suggestions, and outlooks creatively, yet effectively, and I’ve been able to assist in the process to ensure the greatest presentations to my customers.

So, what happens when that changes? When the perspective is one of nuisance, obstinate, or downright ignorance. How do you effect change when you’re no longer a trusted/valued member of the team? When the perspective is your opinion isn’t worthy of consideration. Even when you have the experience to support it.

TemStock - Glass House
Used under creative commons, thanks Temari!

I think it does boil down to value, at the molecular level. Value is one of those things, in an enterprise, that is most-favored, most-valued by employees, and customers. We all want to feel valued, like we’re heard, understood, and appreciated. It’s the most basic of needs in Customer Service, both externally and internally. The internal customer is one most often abandoned, it’s only a matter of time until that same mechanism forgets the external customer, too.

How do you make your voice heard when you’re surrounded by naysayers and white noise?

Any person of any philosophic persuasion who sits on a hot stove will verify without any intellectual argument whatsoever that he is in an undeniably low-quality situation: that the value of his predicament is negative. – Robert M. Pirsig

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  1. Mark Brian says:

    If the business or organization you are currently with seems to operate under the perspective that your opinion is NOT worth considering, then maybe it is time to find a new home?

    Because if they are not willing to listen to you, then it stands to reason that there are other people that are smarter that they are also ignoring. Which is not a good sign for the company’s future…

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