Quote of the Day – Donella Meadows on Vision

I’ve been reading a book on vision, accomplishment, and how you get there. The more I reflect on this book, the more I wonder, Do I know where I want to go? The answer has always been yes. I’m just not sure how to get there. Roadblocks seem to manifest in every location and for years and years; I’ve crawled over, dug under, scurried around and barreled through them. Yet, they still appear. Frustrating as ever, but we press on.

If we haven’t specified where we want to go, it is hard to set our compass, to muster enthusiasm, or to measure progress. But vision is not only missing almost entirely from policy discussions; it is missing from our culture. We talk easily and endlessly about our frustrations, doubts, and complaints, but we speak only rarely, and sometimes with embarrassment, about our dreams and values. – Donella Meadows

A giant sundial
Used under creative commons, thanks davepatten!

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