It’s so hard to say “no.”

I’m a social creature by nature, contrary to as much as I bemoan them, I really do love the company of others. I like being in the thick of things and one of the hardest things for me to say when asked about attending events is: “No.”

But, I find myself having to do it more and more often. With my blistering work/school/home schedule the more I say “Yes,” the more I neglect something else. It’s hard to find balance. Take today, for example, I’m having a really tough time grasping some subjects in my math class and I haven’t been dedicating enough time to studying it or researching it so I really have been beating myself up about not understanding it, (that’s another personality/psychology trait we’ll probably talk about later) and I find myself wanting to do anything but chain myself to my desk to learn it. So, I forced myself to sit down and study the topic. This took 8 full hours today. It’s been extremely painful.

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The sun is shining, I have friends in town that I never get to see and yet, I have to say no. I have to stay home and knuckle down, pull out my hair, and maybe even sob a little as I try to understand what the hell I’m learning in school and the things I’m learning in life.

I know that “No” is a fairly powerful word and should be used often and appropriately. But, sometimes it’s easier and more fun to say yes and go play.

Instead I sit here, inside, reading about equations, fractions and negative exponents. All things I’d much rather forget.

How do you motivate yourself to do something you have absolutely no desire to do when there are more fun alternatives?

3 responses to “No.”

  1. Good job Nick! Saying “NO” is difficult yet empowering. Hoping your study time has helped you get a better grasp of the topics. You’ve made a commitment to school, that in itself is motivation.

  2. As someone who has worked full time and gone to school forever fulltime I would say to keep your end goal in mind. As far as math goes, make sure you take a math class every term until you reach the end of the series in math that you need. It is very hard but you are doing it. Great job Nick!

    • You’re right. Math is really, really kicking my butt. It’s sad that Math isn’t learning in today’s colleges, it’s memorization of rules.

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