Why Won’t You Let Me Give You Money?

I’ve been working with an organization though my workplace. We (my company) have been trying to find a way to offer some sort of sponsorship or partnership, and since the budget was tight, I’ve been exploring it on my own before presenting it to those who sign the checks.

My first message went to a friend over social media. I prefaced the statement with: “We don’t have a lot of money to spend, but we’re looking for creative ways to offer up a partnership.” The response I got was a form letter and WAY out of our price range. So, I appraised my supervisors and backed off of it since this event really doesn’t benefit our company in any way. It’s just industry related, and therefore, something we would have liked to be involved in.

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Then, I mentioned my beleaguered attempts to a friend of mine, who was closer to this organization than I was, who must have relayed the message to someone in their organization because they reached out to me via email, We set a conference call time that was mutually agreeable and I planned my day’s schedule around it. Then, I sat at my desk at the prescribed time and waited… and waited… and waited until the end of my workday. Nothing, no email, no call, no tweet… So I wrote it off.

I got an email response the next day apologizing for the day getting away from them and no attempt to reschedule. Until now that the event is getting closer.

I’ve spoken with my managers and we’ve all agreed on the same thing, we shouldn’t have to badger a company to give them money. We wanted to do something, instead, we’re going to stay on the sidelines, save our money and put it to better uses other places that really benefit our customers.

This was a great moment to gain exposure and while it doesn’t really benefit us in the short or long term, it’s industry and something we were happy to make a big deal out of, now we’re not.

Empty hallway

Do you or your company make it really hard for your customers or partners to give you money? Phone trees that add 6 or 7 layers just to get to someone who wants to take your credit card over the phone is extremely cost prohibitive. Making it harder for customers to give you their money makes them realize, every time, how much they don’t want to give you their money and they just might go somewhere else with their money. Think about that.

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