Another Example of Poor Customer Service by Uhaul

Wow. Another example of extremely poor customer service by Uhaul. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


*** UPDATE ***
#freepalmer to #palmerfreed

Thanks so much to all who have lent your voices, posts, tweets, and most of all, your care and concern to this effort. We have a solution! In fact, as you may have seen in tweets and facebook links earlier, we have been able to get on the road, and we have made it to Ft. Worth, found some wifi and wanted to send an update. We’d have done it earlier, but to be honest, we wanted to get moving.

There are many to thank, but I’ll start with Mr. Don Chandler, the Regional Shop Manager for U-Haul in Abilene, TX. Don and his team (for he is not working alone) came up with a great plan that should get us to Nashville sometime tomorrow, Sunday. He has said that he wanted to find a solution that would be the way he’d like to…

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