4 comments on “You Want Me To Do What?

    • Heh. I wasn’t familiar with this song choice. I had to look it up. Would have been an interesting end to the interview. 🙂

  1. Again I say, you weren’t there and you don’t know the circumstances, the tone of the interview nor the specifics and intensity of the Position. Alas, you continue to call it an “Adminitrative Assistant” position after being corrected.

    That said, the Interviewer has major Corporate experience in HR as well as owned now 2 successful businesses over the past 10 years.

    My advice, don’t continue an interview your not comfortable with.

    Heavily disagree with you, but still love ya 😉

    • You’re right. I wasn’t there. But, saying I didn’t know the circumstances is somewhat short-sighted. I’ve asked questions, I’ve had discussions and I asked for outside perspectives. As you’ve seen from above my perspective is this: Those questions had nothing to do with the position being applied for. If I’d have said it was an Administrative Singer, then fine, the singing one would have applied, but the one about lying wouldn’t have.

      Just because someone has experience in HR or Owning a business doesn’t mean the questions are valid to the situation. I know you feel like you have to defend your employer because you opened the door to this interview. But, you don’t. You and I, as you stated above, are always going to disagree on the sides and merit of this interview.

      We all get to say our peace about the interview, and it made a great story on the interview. It was an Administrative position. And to be honest, your tone, be it a little condescending and hyper-defensive doesn’t really make me feel like I have to give the interviewer any more positive light than I already have.

      But, this is my blog and space on the internet, so I get to report the news as I see it from my own perspective. You get to tell your tale, too. That’s the joy of opinions and perspectives, everyone gets to have their own.

      I disagree with your sentiment and characterization of my post. And that’s OK. I get to. It’s just how it is.

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