Should “Influence” Impact Service?

I was involved in a conversation the other day about Customer Service from a brand perspective. I listened intently as this person talked about how they check things like: Klout scores, blog followers, and their perspective on how many people an individual reaches. Then, these “influencers” receive a heightened level of customer care because of their perceived impact on the brand’s reputation.

Neon Telephone

“Interesting,” I thought. I bemused, “Shouldn’t all customers receive the same level of care?” “Shouldn’t every call be the most important of your day?” As someone who lives in the customer service world, I was really surprised that companies still have the impact perspective.

Service has never been easier to provide. You can call (my preferred method,) you can write (email or snail mail,) or your can tweet/blog. Some companies even let you file a report via Facebook. And, your reputation, when tarnished by a poor customer service experience has the opportunity to go viral at any moment, regardless of how much reach the customer has, it is all about who is listening.

It shouldn’t matter to a company how many followers there are or how many blog comments I receive. I’m far more likely to impact your business in the extra 20 minutes I have to wait, than one “influencer” who tweets that they’re angry.

Do you provide customer service based on your perception of the potential impact to your brand or do you treat all customers the same?

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  1. Very lame approach to customer service. While I may not have a Klout score or tons of followers, I may be well connected to those who do. Or, if properly motivated, I could ramp up my social media influence to cause a ruckus.

    1. Schnik says:

      That was my thought, too. You never know who someone might be connected to.

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