11 comments on “Wow. Discrimination in Portland.

  1. I’d move in, and then become born again, and invite my Wednesday night bible study over. That would be fun. Lechon potluck anyone?

  2. Doesn’t apply. This is basically a room mate ad, In a recent Ninth Circuit opinion, ( applies to both the federal Fair Housing law and the California State Fair Housing law—but because it IS the Ninth Circuit, the decision is only applicable to those states in the the Ninth Circuit—California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Alaska and Guam). What that case says, in simple terms, is that the fair housing laws were never meant to apply to shared living quarters — i.e. roommate situations — so that you may use any criteria, even discriminatory ones, in choosing a roommate or housemate in a shared living situation. Prior to this decision, as the Craigslist advisory states, the law permitted you only to discriminate based on gender. This decision applies both the the basis for the roommate decision, and for advertisements—the case itself, in fact, involved advertisements. You can read the opinion yourself at http://www.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/opinions/2012/02/02/09-55272.pdf.

      • Maybe. But you are going to be living with this person. They’re sharing a toilet with you, maybe hanging out in the living room, eating meals in the same kitchen etc. It’s no more discriminatory than picking a spouse. If people aren’t compatible NO ONE is going to be happy, and a room mate arrangement with incompatible people can turn into a living hell really fast.

  3. When I was in college I was vegan and my housemate came home from a road trip to New Mexico with a dead hawk she picked up by the side of the road. 2000 miles (and some odor later) it ended up in our fridge waiting for her to “use all the parts.” Told her I really wasn’t ok with it and her response? “You SAID it was ok if I have meat in the house!” Um, yeah…

    And re: the Christian thing, there are some really rad Christians out there. Just sayin’.

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