Today’s Practice: What I miss most?

Today’s practice comes in combination with Today’s Jam.  (I’ve been trying to include what I’m listening to that’s of significance lately, because there are so many times in your life that words come with music and connections come from the ether even when you’re doing your best to be grounded.)

There are methods to creating a mayhem that sounds different from your usual mayhem. Because mayhem and a heavy drum backbeat end up sounding like Green Day or something. But if you put a different beat within it to create some air and lightness, the chaos comes through better. – Nick Cave

Chaos is one of my often explanations for something that you cannot seem to grasp. But mayhem doesn’t always carry a negative connotation. It’s often something you must do in order to shake up your routine, to cause you to look at something in a different light, with different senses. Mayhem also, sometimes, comes with merriment. Find your beat, listen to your own music, create that symphony of your being that only serves to propel you. It’s even ok if it sounds like Greenday.

I came across this artist just by chance. He recorded a cover of one of my most favorite songs: “Dancing on my own.” and  that particular song is one that has always resonated with me. However, this song (above) came at a particularly interesting crossroads in my life. I was experiencing my own loss, looking in the rear view mirror, second guessing every step, unable to see the forest for the trees. I was sitting in my own paralysis. What did I miss most? I missed being in the moment. I missed being me. I just needed to hear that. Over and over and over. Maybe it can reach you, too.

But maybe what I miss most
It wasn’t made of steel and stone
And maybe what I miss most
It wasn’t born of skin and bone
‘Cause under the sun, above the waves
Under three climbs and I’m far away
Maybe what I miss most

And maybe you’ll never know

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