nuestra vida juntos, creo en ti.

It will get better. They say
It will get easier. They say
It will stop hurting, They say
It is a process, thry say.

Yes, time marches on, but without you here.
I stare at the door, hoping you’ll knock.
I start to dial the phone, only to stop.
I want to run to you, only to be frozen to the ground.

The tears still flow, everyday.
I hear your laughter in my ears.
The laugh of a time now passed.

You may have moved on.
But I cannot.
My heart still aches.
My mind still breaks.
I know you’re still the one.

The words once said can never be retracted
The feelings once felt will never be forgotten
The heart cannot un-love
I will never forget.

There was no surprise
Those cracks in the ground
With something so earth shattering
With something that burns so hot
We were bound to be scorched
Despite all the times we let go
We always grab hold at the last moment
I have already fallen
Do not let go.

In this darkness, I still am shining a light.
In the wind of this storm, find your way home.
I will be standing there looking towards the sky.

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