A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Rebirth

What they say, 

It may be true,

Each new day, 

you do get stronger

Each new day, 

you make a new path

The past is in the past

The pain you feel 

You may let it go

The answers you deserve

You may never know

It’s ok to believe in yourself

In this day, 

I believe in you, 

And I believe in me

I was so focused 

on the last few

That I may never have realized 

that it was you

In this life, 

Fortunate I have been 

to know true love

true love that does not end

A decade ago, 

I predicted this mission 

To have the courage, 

To speak our truths 

To be stronger, 

to recover,

and now I have to find a way to heal. 

Everyone will know it all 


The struggles of this life 

I have lived

It’s time I lift and use my voice,

It’s time I use my powers 

for that of good

Maybe you will join me on this new path,

Or maybe I remain alone

Either way, 

today I begin anew

Either way, 

today I am ok,

Thank you, 

dear teachers,

You put the flames to my feet,

Yes, I may have been dense

Yes, I may be on the fence, 

But I am ready now,

For all that happens next.

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