A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Faith or Faithful?

How can your life be condensed,

to a few short days?

How can we know

what the truth of this life really is?

Fractionally, individually in this world 

we can find a truth.

The laws of science were discovered by men of faith,

let us remember those men of faith,

in trying to explain God’s existence,

never renounced their faith,

even when they were abandoned.

even when they were pronounced heretics.

even when they paid with their life.

history has been kind to these gallant men and women,

Giants who

stood upon principle and science,

stood upon certainty with a faith unsurpassed,

whose discoveries have withstood the test of time,

buoyed by a combination of faith and evidence,

they made their contributions to the world.

It is my forever hope that the world and history is kind to me.

That I will not be judged so harshly.

That someday we will all know for sure.

The reason I have been burdened with this task

Has my fate already been decided?

Without any input from me?

Will this be a victory or will this be a defeat?

Will we ever find closure? 

Will the score ever be settled? 

Or will it remain a zero sum game? 

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