A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Regrettable

I am sorry for all I have done.

I am sorry for each moment.

I hope for a chance. 

So that I may atone.

I seek to forever understand.

To be a more perfect person.

Every day,

working with a purpose.

Every day, 

Working on my life.

Every day,

Charting my course.

To take the steps, 

I deem necessary.

For the others, 

I once offered absolution,

For all that which has been done to me.

I strive to understand,

And I have stopped listening,

To the echoes off the walls.

I’ve stopped chasing the symbols or the signs,

           The prison of my own mind,

Is everything I’ve seen,

as real as it has seemed.

I take these opportunities as they come,

To work for a new life.

A life I am proud of.

To be happier everyday.

To be alive.

To be whole.

To be free.

To always be me.

The credit is not yours. 

To you no thanks.

                     Nor reverence will I give. 

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