A New Schnikism: Shattered (Poetry Series

I don’t understand,

Why this path we had to take?

Why my world had to blow up?

Why every day my tears fall down?

I keep looking out the window.

Thinking it’s your face I keep seeing.

Praying you were still mine.

I’ve looked to the heavens.

I’ve looked down below.

I’ve seen the end of my life.

My heart, yes, it’s still broken.

And you will never know.

And you’ll probably never care.

I have always loved you.

From the very moment,

We first smiled at each other.

I was forever yours.

I was hoping you’d be forever mine.

I have always needed you.

That connection of our two hearts,

That started to pull me through,

But when you left,

You kicked me in the gut.

Over and over, and over again,

I still do not know why,

I still cannot let you go.

I stare off into the skies,

Hoping once more I will be blessed,

Blessed with the presence of you.

We two burned hotter and hotter,

And I’m the only one who seems to be showing the scars.

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