A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Submission

I do not think you know,

The way this should go.

You pushed me to the line,

I tripped or fell each and every time.

I showed you what you failed to see,

The central parts of me.

Never knowing when to start,

I showed you how I’d stop,

All your lies.

All your games.

All the time.

All the pain.

What you needed to see,

Is that you cannot break me,

I am a man without delusion.

I am a soul of much confusion.

All your demons all the best.

But for me, I’ve been blessed.

You, always with your sword,

That stabbed me a thousand times,

Dripping with my own blood,

Here I stand, still smiling.

Never knowing how to stop.

I always follow my heart.

All my lines.

All my games.

This is what we should have seen.

All the love in between.

you want my list of complaints.

it’s here, that attitude that haunts.

the darkest poison of one soul.

I watched you lose all control.

no matter how hard I loved.

You never seem to rise above.

I am still, standing here.

Looking both ways, through this mirror.

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