A New Schnikism (Poetry Series) – Inverted Reverse

To look forward, I look back.

To make few mistakes.

To be stronger, I fight back.

What you choose to never see,

Is the life of love, inside of me.

For I have been divinely made.

For you and me,

When these two powers are combined,

A lifetime of yours,

And a lifetime of mine.

What this world could have been,

What a hope we could bring,

A love perfected, now so pure,

This world has never seen.

Love so true, so strong,

All we have to do is hold on.

All we have to do is open our eyes and see.

All we have to do, is still believe.

You are the one for me,

And I am the one for you.

Where are you now?

Where will you be?

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