A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Home

When you’re faced with a moment,

After the longest of roads,

When you wouldn’t know who you are,

When the pressure is at its worst,

When life has kicked you,

In the chest, in the head,

So many times,

All you wished for was the end,

You are in need of that very moment,

To feel the only way through,

Because no one will be there for you,

Because no one will be at your side,

Because no one will give you a guide,

When everyone bridge is aflame,

When your heart is ready to give out,

Yes, you’ll be standing alone,

All you will hear, all the voices will say,

none of this will make any sense,

You’ll make the best of the choices you can,

Place all your strength behind it,

Because once you know,

           Stake your claim,

           Plant your flag,

           Rise up to the moment,

           Do it not for yourself,

           Do it not because anyone else said,

           Do it because you know your worth,

           Do it because you only emit love,

           Do it because you know you’re loved,

Because there is where you’ll find your home.

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