A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Bleeding Colors

They say that all the truth,

Will come out in the wash.

But all the colors run through and over,

How do you forgive and forget?

How do you just “become ok?”

Giving those who’ve trespassed upon your very soul,

A moment without any remorse,

You wonder whether they have any regrets,

Are you happy now, that you’ve broken my soul?

Are you happy now, of your proudest moments?

Are you happy now, when you assumed full control?

I gave you all of myself.

I gave you all I had.

I gave you my arms.

I gave you all of my love.

I gave you the safety of my devotion.

I gave you my all.

I gave in to you,

my self-destruction.

And in return, you took it all.

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