Today’s Jam: Maybe We’re Both Right (Week of Munn!)

And so closes my Week of Munn series. This song hit me right in the gut. Because I know one of my traits is to push and push into a resolution (no matter now.) I’ve struggled for a long time. But here’s what I have learned: I may never know the total truth, which makes me feel sadness. But, I guess I have no choice but to accept it. Whatever the reality of the last 24 months, I know what I felt – which makes it more than real for me, even if it wasn’t real for anyone else.

Maybe we’re both right. Maybe we’re both wrong.

Either way. This is the last song in my Week Of Munn series.

Munn, if you happen to read this – please know that your music has touched a soul who was struggling through a difficult time and you helped me find the other side, the daylight, the next phase of this writer’s life. So for that, I say Thank you. I hope to see you in concert some day and I hope your career takes off in every way you hope for.

If you’re not familiar with Munn, check out my Week Of Munn series:

Or check them out  Munn on Youtube Munn on Spotify

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