A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Lost in Translation

With this poem, I am breaking with tradition. I thought I would introduce this poem because it felt like one of the most significant poems I wrote in this series. It is one of two that completely fills and drains all emotion from my body. It is written about an experience in my life with someone I loved so deeply and so hopefully. And we just, somehow, couldn’t make it work. I have missed him every day since the last time we spoke. If you’re reading this CJGD. Te Amo, Mi Amore, Mi Vida.

We came from different places.

From two vastly different backgrounds.

We knew each other’s story.

We knew each other’s words, but we could not hear them,

They were lost

Lost in translation,

between us, there was the most epic of Journeys.

But there was no way I could say it.

No way that you could hear it the way that I said it.

No way that I could see it.

No way that you could say it.

No way that I could read it.

No way we would see it from the same point of view.

For we were lost

Lost in Translation.

One language is universal and needs no translation,

That language is not spoken out loud, 

That language is felt within the heart, 

Its rhythmic beat goes on and on

For me.

For me, the love never stopped, 

From you, 

Did it ever start?

One conversation to another, 

Every time we saw each other, 

The conversion from one language to another.

Left us standing there holding onto each other

Each time, you made me hope, 

Then you seemingly forgot,

The words you said, lost to your darkest thought.

The language of hurt can be distrustful

And then we were lost,

Lost in translation

from Spanish, to English,

to English, to Spanish,

One again,

back and forth.

We did not know where we stood together.

If I could communicate to you now,

how it really was,

how I really felt and how I really saw it.

Would you ever know,

would you ever know that

This love was truthful

This love was hopeful

This love was meaningful

This love was for us to live for life.

that it was my heart for you.

For we were lost,

Lost in Translation.

We have always been

Lost in Translation

Timeless. Yes.

We’re Timeless.

But now, no.

Have I been lost,

Lost in translation.

Time and time again.

For we were hurt together,

for we were hurt apart,

for now we hurt together,

for now we are apart.

There are things I didn’t know of languages of love.

There are things I didn’t know of languages of Latin.

There are things I didn’t know of languages of English.

There are things I didn’t know.

There are things I still do not know.

There are things I’ll never know.

But in all of this,

I know for sure,

Is that I loved you,

tu es mi amor de mi vida

Are we lost for good?

Are we forever lost? Lost in translation.

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