A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) In This Cold

Never will I say goodbye.

Never will I forget you.

The moments we shared.

The happiness I felt around you.

The moments you held me in your arms.

The times before you lost faith in me.

The moments before you stopped seeing me.

You etched your name upon my heart.

Years later I still feel the pain of being apart.

You may have decided to throw me away.

My love for you never went away.

Your soft brown eyes before they went black.

Those delicate kisses returned against mine.

Before you mounted your attack.

This outcome I have felt for a while.

This loving heart, aflame for you, is still in exile.

In the cold without the promised love.

In the cold without the promised truth.

In the cold where I feel most alone.

In the cold where I’ve built a new home.

My role it seems, is both the asshole and the queen.

In this frosty emerald castle.

Not a single winged monkey to be seen.

I guess all we have been.

Is a dream within a dream.

Or is the love I once thought was there.

Just an extension,

Or the conclusion,

Of this never ending nightmare?

When the sun rises on a brand new day,

Will I ever know what’s been said?

What’s been done to make me feel this way?

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