A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) Today for Today

I do not feel the fright.

I do not feel it’s time for flight.

I do not seek from you a new light.

I do not prepare for another fight.

I do not look to be gifted a new sight.

It was real for me.

It was real for you to see.

It was real the love between you and me.

It was real the promise of what we could be.

Now I don’t know where to start.

Now I don’t know how to reach your heart.

Now I don’t know why we are so far apart.

Now I don’t know if we could have ever made it work.

I gave you all of me.

I gave without wanting more.

I try to move on.

Still these tears are all mine.

Still this pain feels divine.

You said there was no beginning.

So, there could have been no end.

You said it was just another day.

I guess there is nothing more I can say.

None of your games will I play.

With an eye towards tomorrow.

I learn how to live again.

But only for today..

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