A New Schnikism: My Runway Project…

If you’ve been a fan of me, my writing, my site, my creatively obsessed mind, my whimsical left turns, or my abandoned wild ideas…. You’re all too familiar with my “great ideas… ”

….And here’s another. πŸ˜‰

While in middle school, one of my favorite classes was Home Economics. It was the early imprint of my love of cooking and it introduced me to sewing. In my early 20’s, I tried to pick it back up while I was Mr. Gay Oregon (because it made the costumes SO MUCH CHEAPER.) But that attempt was more hot glue and hope, than any real sewing ability.

During the emergence of COVID and subsequent quarantine, I went all Sylvia Plath and holed up in my home… and then found that Fabric Shops were an Essential Service! From there, I started with this crazy idea of making people a little less naked (thought I could just start designing underwear like I was Andrew Christain or something….) oddly enough, making clothing and underwear is not easy, but I’ve re-taught myself some things… and I have a mountain of fabrics… (I OCD’d the heck out of fabrics during covid-ntine…)

So here brings a new idea! “My Run(a)way Project.”

What is my goal? Every good project needs a goal, right? Well, this project’s goal is just to “make it work.”

Here are my rules*

No new fabric purchases. (These must be limited to fabric I already have on hand….)

At least one finished item/outfit/look a week.

A complete write up of the challenges, outcomes, wish-I-woulda knowns.

Pattern usage is acceptable.

These will be shared along side the inspiration for each.

These will not always be for clothing I would wear, in fact, some will be placed for sale with half of the proceeds going to a various charity of my choice.

I have already begun the first item – and here is the teaser…

*Rules may change without notice.

With each post I’ll share my inspiration, too. Who knows, maybe someday you could be wearing “Church” down your own runway! 😍😍😍😍😍

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