These Photos Are Things That Have Caught My Eye Around the World. I Hope They Catch Your Eye Too.

Have you you ever wanted to remember a moment or capture a memory in your mind’s eye? That’s what I’ve tried to do here.

Photo: Clear Sailing

So beautiful. I would love to take a vacation right now, instead… This will have to do. Crystal Blue Persuasions…

Photo: Wall of Glass

This is from a church in the Seattle area. Seen from the I-5 freeway, I had no idea which church it was. Luckily, I had a friend who could show me the way.

Photo of the Day – Elevator Beam

I got stuck in an elevator today at work. I had just left for the day and was on my way out the door. While sitting there, I realized this was pretty cool and thought it was good to use real life for my “art,” so, here’s today’s photo.

Photo of the Day – Big Pink

…and glass. Today’s photo is of “Big pink” which is the tallest building in Portland, Oregon.

Photo of the Day – Cutting Through

Again, from my walk home from work. There was a boat jettin’ through the Willamette River, I almost caught it. Though, I think this shot is much better.

Quote of the Day – Barbara Jordan on Today

I love this quote, it really personalizes living in the moment, living day by day. You have to take life one day at a time. It’s worth it. I live a day at a time. Each day I look for a kernel of excitement. In the morning I say: What is my exciting thing for […]

Photo of the Day – Golden Showers

This photo, from my last trip to Vegas is of my favorite fountain. I adjusted the color balance just a little bit for a little more fun. πŸ™‚

Photo of the Day – Three Flags

These three flags are up at Timberline Lodge. There was something about the way they were billowing in the breeze, the angle and the bright blue sky that called to me.

Photo of the Day – On the Ranch

This is on the Ranch at the Four Seasons Resort at Koele Lodge. I found this whole island to be incredibly striking. The red dirt that clings to you for days, no matter how much you shower, the rich, blue skies, the beautiful ocean not far away, ever. And, these stables at Koele Lodge allow […]

Photo of the Day – On A Wing

A great photo from a recent trip I took. I never hesitate to look out the window whenever possible on a plane it’s still surreal to look out and watch the world spin by.

Photo of the Day – In a Jam

I made jam this weekend, strawberry-champagne jam to be precise. Finally, the jam has set in the jars and I CANNOT wait to taste it. But, you’re supposed to wait a week to let the flavors meld. I don’t know if I can wait that long…

Photo of the Day – Trapped in the Sand

Today’s photo is one from my trip to Lanai. I got an opportunity to Golf the Challenge at Manele. A world-class golf course. You can check out my dispatch on the adventure over at Sharing Travel Experiences. In the sand and still having a great day.

Photo of the Day – Mirroring Mt. Hood

I took a day trip to Mt. Hood. Which, is one of the reasons I love Portland so much. You can, quite literally, drive from Mountain range to Seashore in a couple hours. Ski and surf? Why not. πŸ™‚ At one of the lakes near the base of Mt. Hood I took this photo from […]

Photo of the Day – Off the Cliff

This, another photo from my trip to Hawaii, is a steep cliff on the coast of Lanai, Hawaii. Judging from the edges, it’s cool to see the landslide that must of happened at one time. Watch out for that first step…

Photo of the Day – By the Pool

This photo, again from my Hawaii collection, is the view of the great pool at the Four Seasons Resort, Manele Bay.

Photo of the Day – A New Day

Today’s photo is the Four Seasons Resort, Manele Bay in Lanai, Hawaii. Sure, it’s a little boosted and warped, but, with a sunrise like that, well worth it.

Photo of the Day – Joan of Arc

Today’s photo comes from inside Northeast Portland. This park, which is in a roundabout in NE Portland, on Glisan and 39th avenue. Recently some vandals gave Joan a crown and her horse a unicorn horn. That act of mythological defiance took 3 days to repair. I wish people would leave things alone! Still, I dedicate […]

Photo of the Day – In The Air at Manele Bay

This was from my flight out of Hawaii. Flying over Manele Bay, The Four Seasons Resort, Hulopo’e Beach and Pu’u Pehe (sweetheart rock,) I was reminded of all the fun I had on our trip. As a science nerd, I also really enjoy how clear the water is and how much of the kelp bed […]

Photo of the Day – Purple Night

This photo was taken at the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele, at night, in Lanai City, Lanai, Hawaii. While we were there, someone was getting married and they had the grounds all lit up for different events. I think this is where the guest book was..

Photo of the Day – Touchdown

Heh. I took this photo shortly after landing at Lanai Airport, in Hawaii. I was thankful to be on the ground. I’m not really a good passenger in a plane where I can see the pilot, let alone, reach out and touch them. But, this Mokulele Airlines Pilot really knew his stuff and made the […]

Photo of the Day – Sunrise on the Lanai

It took all week for me to get to see a sunrise. Only because I was on vacation and had no reason to get out of bed before sunrise. Yes, I agree it is beautiful. But, I love my sleep. πŸ™‚

Photo of the Day – On Golden Pond

Heh. The pond may not be golden, nor is the golf course, but I really thought this vivid scene needs a title punchier than: “Golf course” πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Photo of the Day – A Space Needle in the Garden

This photo, another from the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington – Is another of my favorites. It’s the sculpture, Space Needle and the Blue Skies that draw me to it every time I see it. You can check out all of my photos from the Chihuly Garden and Glass Gallery Or — All […]

Photo of the Day – Snorkel Adventure

One of the things I was most excited to do was go snorkeling. Being a bit of a science and nature nerd, there was something so peaceful and relaxing about doing the “dead mans float” while looking at the most colorful scenery I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to the crew of the […]

Photo of the Day – Ghost Crab

This photo is from the Polihua shore of the Island of Lana’i. This little guy almost got stepped on, as you can see, because he blends into the sand quite nicely. He surely wasn’t afraid of us, but took of pretty dang quickly when we got too close.

Photo of the Day – Through the Tunnel

This photo, from the tunnel, is on The Challenge at Manale Bay, on Lana’i. Every single hole has breath-taking views. You almost forget about your scorecard… almost.

Photo of the Day – Sweetheart Rock, Lanai

A view from the clubhouse at The Challenge at Manele Bay. In the distance you can see “sweetheart rock.” Local lore tells of a sea warrior who locked up his most beautiful wife and during a storm, she drowned. So distraught, he made a burial shrine on the rock, then jumped to his death.

Photo of the Day – Pagoda and Peace

This pagoda is next to a giant Koi pond and a great orchid garden, near to a babbling brook and waterfall and just a hop away from a well manicured golf course. It’s the epitome of relaxation.

Photo of the Day – Blue Rooster Tail

This photo, the rooster tail from our snorkeling catamaran. Say hello to the most beautiful water in the world. Just off the coast of Lanai, Hawaii. This post, by the way, is from on the boat. Aloha

Photo of the Day – Shipwreck Shore, Lanai, Hawaii

This trip in Lanai, Hawaii is absolutely breathtaking, peaceful, and downright awe-inspiring. We traveled around the shores of Lanai today and we saw this beautiful beach and this 1940’s shipwreck.

Photo of the Day – Sunglass Reflections

Today’s photo and accompanying text are somewhat brief as I am traveling today. Making my way from Portland, Oregon to Lana’i, Hawai’i. So, it might be wise to prepare yourselves to see some beautiful tropical photos. Until then, a moment of reflection.

Photo of the Day – Sunburst Gas Works

This photo is all about perspective. A great shot from Seattle, Washington’s Gas Works park, which is an old gas and oil refinery turned nature park. They covered everything with colorful paint and turned it into a great place to see Seattle on a sunny day.

Photo of the Day – Lava Canyon Washout

This is another photo from my Mt. St. Helens hike in Washington. This canyon was a washout from the 1980’s volcanic eruption. It’s beautiful now.

Photo of the Day – Mt. St. Helens

This photo is one of my favorites from my Photo Of The Day album. This shot, taken from the south wasteland side of Mt. St. Helens.

Photo of the Day – Steady Focus, Grasshopper

I went for a rather nice hike today. We stopped for lunch and had a picnic in the car and I happened to look at the windshield and found this nice little friend had stopped by for a visit. Luckily I had the presence of mind to grab the camera first and ask questions later. […]

Photo of the Day – Bright Chihuly Bowls

Another photo from the Chihuly Garden & Glass Gallery in Seattle, Washington. One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was these bowls, only lit by bright white light, showed off Dale Chihuly’s imagination and talent with coloured glass. Missed a photo of the day? Check out the entire album on flickr and consider liking […]

Photo of the Day – Contrasting Art

Today’s photo comes from a neat art installation from the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Rare is a bright, clear blue sky day in Seattle, Washington. When they do happen, however, they’re something to behold. I found this red toned art against the blue skies quite striking.

Photo of the Day – South Lake Union Boats and Planes

Another photo from my weekend trip to Seattle, Washington. South Lake Union and the steam paddle boat, the sail boats, the seaplanes and off in the distance, Bridges… There’s all manner of transportation around.

Photo of the Day – Blue Reeds

This photo, another from the Chihuly Garden & Glass gallery in Seattle, Washington is awesome. The staging of the old growth timber, foliage and the bright blue skies that surrounded it was incredible.

Photo of the Day – Confetti Glass

Another shot from the Chihuly Gardens in Seattle, Washington. This piece really was amazing, such color and intricacies. It really was breathtaking and moving. So many things to see…

Photo of the Day – Spiked Flower

Wow. Still breathless from the Chihuly Glass and Gardens gallery in Downtown Seattle. Over the next few days I will probably showcase quite a few of his great glass pieces. This one, with the scenery, made for a great photo.

Photo of the Day – A Step Up

This photo was taken on a walk through Mt. Tabor Park in Portland. This long line of stairs reminds me that you still have to take them one, maybe two, at a time. You just have to start climbing, though.

Quote of the Day – Bill Watterson on Adulthood

Heh. Isn’t this the truth? Adulthood, or one step closer, is where we all feel like we’re supposed to know it all, or be able to comprehend it all. Then, we realize that our parents were just making it up as they go along, too. I wouldn’t have been in such a rush to reach […]

Photo of the Day – Through the Rain

This photo was taken a few days ago, through the rain on my windshield. It seemingly captures everything I love. Rain, clouds, sunshine, and beautiful colors. A little bit of everything for the birthday boy. πŸ™‚

Photo of the Day – Standing Out

This one pays homage to the fact that some of us are one of a kind, and some of us have to stand out a little brighter. Tomorrow is my birthday and I thought I’d start the celebration a little early with this great photo of a solo ripe berry. πŸ™‚

Photo of the Day – Shadows, Mountains and Light

I’m really excited by this photo, a cool view that I get to experience everyday. Mt Hood in the Distance, Ikea in the distance (hehe) a great field of green, and a cool road winding through it. When the sun is shining, the whole thing comes together. Have you missed one of the photos of […]

Photo of the Day – Standing Tall

There is something interesting to me about today’s photo. Though, I can’t quite put my finger on what it exactly is. What do you think?

Photo of the Day – Portland At Dusk

This photo, taken from the Hawthorne Bridge, gives a really great shot of Portland at dusk, Portland Spirit, Salmon Street Springs and the Willamette River.

Photo of the Day – Salmon Street Springs

I love alterations! Also, I love fountains and this one in downtown Portland is one of my favorite. When not full of people it’s quite peaceful and scenic. Enjoy!

Photo of the Day – Reflecting Reservoir

Another view from my walk around Mt Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon. This beautiful batch of water is the Portland Drinking water, reservoir #5. Soon the federal government is going to require the City of Portland to cover these beauties, ruining the scenery.

Photo of the Day – Mt. Tabor Park

This wasn’t my original choice for photo of the day, instead I had something else planned. Then, my crappy internet service provider decided to be really slow, so I went for a walk instead of cursing their name to high-heavens. On my walk, I took this photo.

Photo of the Day – Boosting Sunlight

Yes, this photo has been retouched a little bit. But, the original was just as beautiful. Just wanted to share the exciting colors in the photo.

Photo of the Day – Flowers (500th Post!)

Not many things bring me as much joy as posting the daily quote and photo here. This post is my 500th. Thanks for sticking around and here’s to another 500!!

Photo of the Day – Lake Washington

This photo, taken on an exceptionally beautiful day, looks Eastward from Seattle. In the distance you can see Lake Washington. I’m reminded of the Hydroplane Races which used to run every year.

Photo of the Day – Come Back Rain

We’re looking at a couple months of 80 and 90 degree weather. I’d rather have weather that matches the below photo. What’s your favorite type of weather?

Photo of the Day – Dave Niehaus

If you’re a Mariners fan, then the name Dave Niehaus is super familiar to you. If you’re not an M’s fan, then here you go. Dave was THE VOICE of the Mariners. Whenever I could, I would listen to the Mariners games and his voice would be the one calling the shots. Alas, Dave left […]

Photo of the Day – We Bring The Boom

That’s certainly truthful of the fireworks extravaganza I went to this past Independence Day. There were fireworks all over the place. Here’s just a couple I saw.

Photo of the Day – Safeco Field

I had the good fortune of attending a Seattle Mariners baseball game on July 3rd. The seats were fantastic. Right behind Ichiro Suzuki! Tried to get his autograph, he didn’t come close enough.

Photo of the Day – RO(Y)ad G. BIV

I hope you’ll pardon the title. I thought I was being clever. This photo, taken the other day, was interesting to me as it seems to have every color in the spectrum in it. It caught my eye.

Photo of the Day – Portland at Night

A walk across the Hawthorne Bridge at night provided this great photo, and with a little photo-editing, I made it a little more artistic. I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

Photo of the Day – Reaching Fountain

This photo is from the fountain in front of the Standard Insurance Building in Portland, Oregon. I’ve always admired this fountain and found in interesting as it’s a guy and two girls, and the guy is reaching for… something..


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