A New Schnikism: (Poetry Series) This is How I Rise

I am strong enough,            I keep trying to be stronger every day. I am loved deeply,            I keep telling myself this so I don’t lose the horizon. I am hopeful every day,            I keep wishing if I say it enough, I will believe it. I am greater than my mistakes,            I…

A New Schnikism (Poetry Series) – Inverted Reverse

To look forward, I look back. To make few mistakes. To be stronger, I fight back. What you choose to never see, Is the life of love, inside of me. For I have been divinely made. For you and me, When these two powers are combined, A lifetime of yours, And a lifetime of mine….

Friendships and Endurance

I’ve had a lot of time to think recently. A lot of time to myself. Some of that time has been incredibly therapeutic but sometimes all of that noise and all of the voices of doubt creep in on all the joy in the world. One of my favorite all time movie quotes comes from Too…

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Bonus Video: Eurovision Song Contest

Screw American Idol and the X-Factor! I don’t know how I’ve missed this for as long as I have. But, we don’t have Eurovision in America and I feel this should be remedied immediately. What an amazing collection of songs and artists. This is the Eurovision Song Contest Winner for 2012. Well worth a listen….

Photo of the Day – Put a Heel On It

Spotted in SE Portland, this was a really cool little installation piece as part of someone’s fence. I couldn’t help but to snap a photo of it. The added red shoe was laying next to it. I couldn’t help but add a touch of color. 🙂

Quote of the Day – Jonathan Lethem on Emotive Spinning

The world keeps spinning, faster and faster, we’re just trying to hold on. 🙂 My inner chemistry had been hijacked by a mad scientist, who poured the fizzy, volatile contents of my heart from a test tube marked SOBER REALITY into another labeled SUNNY DELUSION, and back again, faster and faster, until the floor of…